Dog Obedience Clubs
   of Florida

DOCOF Annual Tournament

September 3rd and 4th

Team Unification 

In order to make it possible for more handlers to compete in our annual tournament a new team category had been created.  It is the Unified Team.  These teams are combinations of existing members drawn from organizations that cannot field a full team on their own.

Team Unification Form 


DOCOF Tournament will again be in St. Petersburg for 2022

The Dog Training Club of St Pete has again offered its facility for our tournament in 2022.  Furthermore they offered it with no charge. The DOCOF delegates voted at the annual meeting to accept their offer and we will be heading to St Pete for the annual tournament.  Thanks DTCSP!


DOCOF has an unusual opportunity this year in that AKC is allowing handlers to achieve qualification legs for showing at DOCOF.  This is being done by conducting a simultaneous Special Event.  Below you will find a premium for the Special Event.  By registering for the special event and while showing at DOCOF you will be eligible for credit with AKC toward titles in regular obedience classes.  You asked for it now here it is!

Click here for SET Premium

Volunteer Pins and Bars

There has been a demand for pins and bars for team volunteers.  We will purchase these bars by request only.  These pins and bars will be just like the regular pins and bars but will be silver colored rather than gold.  Susan Handy has volunteered to manage this for use and a form for the volunteer pins and bars can be found under the forms tab.

About us

DOCOF (pronounced Dock Off) is an organization of Obedience Clubs and groups from all over the State of Florida.  Every Year on Labor Day Weekend teams from member clubs get together to share stories, food and have the Annual Team Obedience Competition.  The DOCOF Competition is the only one of its kind in the United States.  More than thirty teams get together and compete for trophies and bragging rights.  (Some of us just come for the friends, dogs and food.)



Rules and Regulations

DOCOF follows AKC Obedience Regulations with a few exceptions.  Since the tournament is a team competition, and since it is not an AKC event, certain rule changes were necessary in order to make the event as fun and exciting as possible.


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