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The purpose of the Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida (DOCOF) Annual Competition is to provide the opportunity for handlers and dogs to represent their Organization in competition as a team. These Rules and Regulations constitute the basis of the Competition. However, the success of the event relies on the integrity and good sportsmanship of the competing member organizations.


The DOCOF Competition will be held Labor Day Weekend in conjunction with the DOCOF Annual Meeting. The following awards will be presented: 1st through 4th places in each class, Highest Scoring Dog, Highest Scoring Team and High Tri-Combined Team. The High Tri-Combined Team shall consist of the combined scores of each team’s highest scoring Novice dog and handler, Open dog and handler, and Utility dog and handler. These three scores are combined and compared to other team scores. The team with the highest total score is the High Tri-Combined Team.



The current American Kennel Club Obedience Regulations govern any rules not stated herein.


        2.1.   Any recognized Member Organization of DOCOF in good standing may enter.

        2.2.   No individual exhibitor entries will be accepted.


        3.1.   Each eligible DOCOF Member Organization may enter a maximum of three (3) teams.

                  a.       A full team consists of a minimum of 6 dogs and a maximum of 9 dogs, and shall consist of at least 2, but not more than 3 Novice                                  dogs; at least 2, but not more than 3 Open dogs; and at least 2, but not more than 3 Utility dogs.

                  b.       Partial teams of fewer than 2 dogs per class or less than 3 classes or both may also be entered.

        3.2. A second or third team may be entered only if the following requirements are met:

               a. If sending a second team, the Member Organization’s first team must consist of 3 Novice dogs, 3 Open dogs, and at least 2 Utility dogs.

               b. If sending a third team, both of the Member Organization’s first and second teams must consist of 3 Novice dogs, 3 Open dogs, and at  least           least 2 Utility dogs. 

               c. The second or third team may then be a partial team as defined in 3.1. b above.

        3.3.   The method utilized in selecting individual exhibitors and dogs to represent a Member Organization is not a part of these Rules and                               Regulations; however, the requirements of Article 4 below must be adhered to.

        3.4.   Each club, organization or individual will have the option of designating one dog and handler for each level (one Novice, one Open and/or                  one Utility, regardless of the number of teams being sent) as an emergency substitute, to be used only in the event that two dogs showing at                  the same level on the same team are unable to compete. The substitute will take the place of one of the absentee entries, and the                                   information in the exhibitor list will not be changed. An entry fee will not be charged for listing the emergency substitutes, whether or not any                  are used to substitute for a team member at the Tournament. If a substitute will be used, it is the Team Captain's responsibility to notify the                  Tournament Secretary as soon as possible. If the substitution occurs on the day of the Tournament, the Team Captain will also report the                  change to both the scheduled ring and the group ring for that entry. If the club, organization or individual chooses to take advantage of this                  option, emergency substitutes must be listed on a separate sheet of paper and sent in with the official entry form. All of the information                  required for regular entries must be provided for the substitutes, including jump height. All rules related to eligibility (both dog and handler)                  also apply to substitutes.

Article 4 – EXHIBITORS:

        4.1.   Exhibitors must be in good standing with whatever Registry they represent. No one shall be eligible to compete for a Member Club unless                  they have been a member of the Member Club for a minimum of 6 mos. No one shall be eligible to compete for any Member Organization                  (Not requiring membership) unless they have been training with the organization for a minimum period of 6 months.
                  a.     All Member Clubs will send a current membership roster to the Membership Chairperson by March 1 each year. Schools and other                           Member Organizations, which do not offer memberships shall send a current roster of people training with the organization to the                           Membership Chairperson by March 1 each year. No one shall be eligible to exhibit for the Club if they are not a member of a Member                           club for a minimum period of 6 months. No one shall be eligible to exhibit for any other Member Organization unless they have been                           training regularly  (at least once per month) with that organization for a minimum of six (6) months prior to the event.
                  b.     Attendance at a seminar given by a member of a Member Organization, or attending a seminar hosted by a Member Organization,                           does not establish a training relationship. Seminar, or workshop attendance alone does not constitute eligibility, nor does it count as                           training with regard to the  Member Organization for DOCOF.
                  c.     In the event that an exhibitor’s eligibility is brought into question, the required roster sent prior to March 1 of that year will be used to                           provide to establish eligibility.  If a roster has not been presented by March 1, the DOCOF Board of Trustees will have full authority to                           determine eligibility. The DOCOF Board of Trustees may request additional documentation as they deem necessary.

        4.2.    An exhibitor may only represent one Member Organization.

        4.3.   An exhibitor may not show more than  2 different dogs. An exhibitor may show 2 different dogs at the same level/class, or different  _________levels/classes  for the same Member Organization.

                 Exceptions may be made when substituting for another team member in cases of extreme hardship or serious illness. The DOCOF Board  ________must approve all exceptions.

        4.4.   A dog must be shown by the same exhibitor through all the exercises in each class entered.

        4.5.   A dog must be handled by its owners or immediate family. Exceptions for cases of hardship may be granted upon decision of the DOCOF                  Board.

        4.6.   All Member Organizations north of, or in line with Interstate 10 across North Florida will be allowed to have members on their teams from the                  states of Georgia or Alabama, providing that, by each March 1st they will declare in writing those individuals as training with their facility and                  asking for eligibility for them for the upcoming Competition. All other Member Organizations in the state of Florida will be required to have                  only Florida residents on their teams. There shall be no teams made up of exhibitors selected at large from the state of Florida strictly to                  enter a competitive team at DOCOF.

        4.7.   If DOCOF has received any information calling into question whether an  Exhibitor is a legal resident of the State of Florida, DOCOF may, at                  its discretion, require the Exhibitor to produce for inspection and copying, two or more of the following documents:

                  a.  The Exhibitor’s valid current Florida voter registration card;

                  b.  The Exhibitor’s valid current Florida driver’s license or, if the Exhibitor doesn’t have any driver’s license, a valid current Florida-issued                           identification card;

                  c.  The Exhibitor’s valid current Florida county homestead exemption certificate;

                  d.  The Exhibitor’s valid current U.S. passport; and/or

                  e.  The Exhibitor’s most recent six months utility bills for the Florida address where the Exhibitor claims to reside.

At the Exhibitor’s request, DOCOF will redact (e.g., cross out or otherwise make unreadable) from any copies of documents that DOCOF retains, any of the Exhibitor’s personal information which is not relevant to establishing legal residency.


        5.1.   A dog is not required to have any title for the class entered.

        5.2.   A dog must compete at a level equal to or higher than its highest title awarded by any registry. Dogs with Alternative Titles must compete                       at the highest title awarded in that Alternative Titling process or the highest title achieved in Regular classes whichever is greatest.  Example:                 a dog with a Preferred CDX or a CDX must show in Open or Utility in DOCOF competition.

        5.3.   A dog may be entered for one Member Organization only.
        5.4.   A dog may be entered in one class only.

        5.5.   Entries are not restricted as to breed or sex, except in the case of breed-specific Clubs, whose teams must consist of only that breed or such                  other breeds as are specifically mentioned in the Club’s by-laws.

        5.6.    Entries of dogs from other registries or non-purebred dogs are allowed

       5.7.      Veteran Dogs

                 5.7.1.   Dogs that are seven (7) years of age at the date of the competition shall be eligible to enter as Veteran Dogs.

                 5.7.2.   Handlers wishing to enter dogs as Veterans must submit registration certificates demonstrating dogs date of birth.

                 5.7.3.   Dogs entered as Veteran Dogs may use one half of the height at the withers as their jump height

Article 6 – ENTRIES:

        6.1.   The entry fee will be determined each year by DOCOF at the annual meeting.

        6.2.   No entries will be accepted unless accompanied by the appropriate entry fees.
        6.3.   Entry fee checks shall be made payable to DOCOF.

        6.4.   Completed entries shall be submitted on the official DOCOF entry form. Entries must be signed by the Team Captain or Delegate of the                  Organization, signifying under penalty of disqualification that the information on the entry is correct.

        6.5.   No entry will be accepted without at least one full day worker per team (or 2 half-day volunteer workers per team), one volunteer worker for                  set- up, and one volunteer worker for tear-down.  


        7.1.   The Closing date to receive entries shall be at not more than 6 weeks prior to the Tournament date. The closing date to receive entries shall                  be set by the Tournament Secretary, with the approval of the DOCOF Board members. Entries cannot be accepted after the closing date.                  Changes to entries will be considered if requests are made in writing to the Tournament Secretary, with approval of the DOCOF Board, prior                  to 3 weeks before the Tournament date. Entries cannot be changed in any way after the 3 week deadline. No telephone or fax entries will be                  accepted.

        7.2.   DOCOF shall have the sole jurisdiction over selection of Judges.
        7.3.   A “catalog” will not be printed, but an exhibitor list will be published.

Article 8 – JUDGING: 

        8.1.   Entries will be assigned randomly between the Judges for each class.

        8.2.   All judging will be according to AKC Regulations, except as noted in these Competition rules.

        8.3.   The Novice run-off Judge will be one of the Open or Utility Judges. The Open run-off Judge will be one of the Novice or Utility Judges. The                  Utility run-off Judge will be one of the Novice or Open Judges. The run-off procedure to determine the State Highest Scoring Obedience                  Novice, Open, and Utility Class dogs shall be to judge each dog separately and according to AKC Regulations.

        8.4.   The team having the highest score from the possible 1200 points will be declared the State Highest Scoring Team. In the case of a team                  consisting of 3 members in a class, only the 2 highest scores will be tabulated in the Team’s total score.

        8.5.   In the event of a “Tie Score” for Highest Scoring Team, a run-off shall be conducted as follows: The teams which are tied shall select one                  Novice, one Open, and one Utility dog to represent their teams in the run-off.

        8.6.    Group stays may be scheduled by the DOCOF Trial Secretary between the hours of 11:00 AM and 12:00 noon in all rings, including the                  Utility rings. DOCOF will randomly assign participants to each group or A separate group ring, utilizing an additional Judge, may be used to                  expedite judging of the Novice and Open classes, in which case group stays may be done before or after individual performances. Clubs are                  asked to avoid large groups of team members in the same set of stays.

        8.7.   The score for the Directed Jumping exercise in Utility will be divided; each jump will be scored as a separate exercise.

        8.8.   In the Open and Utility classes, the No. 1 order of exercises will be used.

        8.9.   Judges will standardize the Utility glove exercise to use the same glove position for each dog.

        8.10.  Entries will be arranged in jump height order and will alternate each year. In odd numbered years scheduling will be high to low, and in even                  numbered years scheduling will be low to high.

        8.11   Any dog entered as a veteran dog will begin any jump exercise with three (3) points fewer as the maximum number of  points available for                     the exercise. For example, the maximum points available to Veteran dogs over the High Jump would be 17 points out of 20.*

Article 9 – DRESS: Club patches, shirts, or uniforms may be worn in the ring if a team desires to do so. Dogs may wear decorative scarves and/or                   collars.

Article 10 – AWARDS: Only team members who actually participate will be eligible for awards.

Article 11 – NO SCORE: Any dog that fouls the ring, or dog or handler found guilty of conduct that would call for excusing the dog or handler under                     American Kennel Club rules, will receive no score.

Article 12 – ABSENTEES: Team captains must report absences of team members for both the individual exercises and group stays. If an exhibitor is                     missing when the armband number is called there will be no attempt to locate the exhibitor.

Rules Amended and passed at the 2017 Annual Delegates Meeting

*Errata - Originally this was typed in error as 27. Corrected 9/18

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