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You may use either downloadable forms or On-Line Forms

How Do I Decide Which Forms to Use.

You can use the downloadable forms, they may be what you're more accustomed to, or you can use our on-line forms.  The on-line forms are identical they simply save you the trouble of completing a form then having to send it to us in the mail.  If you are unsure, try an on-line form, see if you like it and if not, send us a copy of your downloaded and completed form via email or snail mail.

On Line Forms Under Contruction

These forms can be completed directly on line and data is automatically sent to DOCOF.

Instructions:  Click on the relevant form.  You will be forwarded to an on-line form tool.  Complete the form and click on the SUBMIT button.  The data will be sent and the screen will forward to the bottom of the form.  Even after submitting you can scroll back to the form and change any item.  You will need to resubmit the data with the SUBMIT button.

Annual Update Form  Used to inform DOCOF Board of you Club's information and delegate contact information.  (required for participation in the competition)

Emergency Substitution Form    Used to inform DOCOF Board of a need to substitute a team dog because off illness, ineligibility, or handler emergency.

Team Entry Form  Used to inform the trial secretary of your team's dogs and exhibitors.  (required for participation in the competition)

Survey (to be completed after the annual competition to comment on the facility and event)

Links to Downloadable Forms

Click on the Link Below to be taken to the form you need.  Open forms with a click.  Depending on your browser, you may have to select the Open With Tab in the upper right hand corner to edit.

Annual Update Form.   Used to Inform DOCOF Board of your Club's information and delegate contact information (required for participation in the competition.)

Emergency Substitution Form.  Used to inform the DOCOF Board of a need to substitute a team dog because of illness or ineligibility or for handler emergency.

Seminar Registration Form

Used to register for the seminar to be delivered on Saturday Morning.

Volunteer Pins and Bars Form

Used to order DOCOF Pins and Bars for volunteers that are not showing a dog at the event.

Team Entry Form

This form is not fillable but if you would rather print an entry form and fill it out by hand, feel free to use this version.

 Floor Plan 2019 TBA

Survey Form (Used after the competition to comment on the facility and event.)

Membership Form

This form is used by an organization that wishes to join DOCOF.  Print the form or open with Adobe and the form is fillable.


This checklist is to aid the team captain in helping their team have a successful and enjoyable DOCOF Tournament experience.  While we’re sure this isn’t an all inclusive list we hope it serves.

Misbehavior or Misconduct Complaint Form

This form is used to file a formal complaint against a handler, team or exhibitor who may be guilty of Misconduct or a dog that is guilty of misbehavior.


This form is used to nominate a person in the Obedience World for outstanding achievement and continued support of DOCOF and its Annual Event.  Download the form, complete and mail as directed.


This form is to be used for proposed rule changes that have not appeared on the meeting agenda for the next meeting or appeared in an official notice such as DOINGS and for which a DELEGATE wishes to propose a rule change by petition.

All Checks should be made payable to DOCOF

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Team Entry Form

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