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Team Captain’s Questions


C1.       I am a team captain, I have never done this before, how do I begin.

 A.        First, Read the Rules for DOCOF. Next Download the Captain’s Checklist and print it. This will get you started. Feel free to ask other team captains if they can help.


C2.      I am a team captain. I know I’m supposed to check scores for my team but I don’t know when or where.

 A         Near the end of competition the Tournament Secretary will publish scores on a table or wall near his or her workspace. Check to see if they are available and if so confirm your team’s scores. DO NOT go to the Tournament Secretary unless there is an error in scoring. DO NOT send someone in your place. The Secretary will only speak to team captains.


C3.      As a team captain, how do I keep track of scores.

 A.        Scores are reported by the Table Steward after the team leaves the ring and the judge has finished the score sheet. Have a teammate or the handler watch for their score and report it to you.


C4.      Does my team have to check in at the ring?

 A.        Yes, at every ring they are showing in.

Financial Questions


F1.      Who do I send my check to for the seminar?

 A.        All checks are sent to the Treasurer unless specified on the registration or entry form. Team entries are sent with the check to the Tournament Secretary. Seminar entries and dues are sent to the Treasurer. ALL CHECKS ARE MADE OUT TO DOCOF.


F2.      When do I pay our organization’s dues and how much are they?

A.        At this writing dues are $55.00 with a $5.00 discount if they are paid at the Annual Delegates Meeting.


F3.      Are there vendors at the DOCOF event?

A.        Yes, they will be in the front lobby.


F4.      Who do we pay for RV spaces at Osceola Heritage Park?

 A.        OHP is managing this and should be dealt with directly. (321) 697-3333

F5.     How do I donate to DOCOF?

A.       DOCOF is a not for profit organization. We would love your donation but please keep in mind that it is not tax deductable.

Event Questions


E1.      Where do we load in when we get on site?

 A.        All load in for teams is done on the back loading dock of the Events Building. There are no exceptions. Vendors may load in through the front doors.


E2.      Can I invite friends for come and watch?

 A.        Yes, we are considering charging the general public but that is uncertain at this writing. If you invite friends and we are charging for entry bring them in through the loading dock.


E3.      Will there be security at the facility?

 A.        Yes. The grounds are patrolled and there will be a security guard inside the exhibition building. This does not mean that you should not protect ans secure your belongings. Currently we allow the public into the venue so watch your stuff.


E4.     How do I find out the schedule of events for DOCOF?

 A.        Our Newsletter “Doings” has the schedule in it. It is available from the home page.


E5.      How do we know where our crating space is?

 A.        Shortly before the event we will post a map showing all the crating space and the teams assignment. Look for it on Facebook, This website and Yahoo Groups.


E6.      How do we get electricity to our crate space?

A.        DOCOF will pay for a vendor to provide electricity to each space with a 5 amp limit on each. Should you need more power you will need to contact the vendor and make arrangements with them.


E7.      Can we bring dogs that are not entered to the event and crate them in our team’s space.

 A.        For a variety of reasons the answer to this is no.


E8.      Is there "day-of" registration for the seminar?

A.        Yes there is but please keep in mind that historically the seminar is full prior to the day of the seminar.


E9.      Can I volunteer to steward or help in some way if I’m not on a team?

 A.        Yes you can. Contact Deb Neufeld and she will put you to work. Thanks.


E10.    How do we get tables for our crating area?

 A.        Tables will be provided by Osceola Heritage Park without charge to the teams.


E11.   How do we arrange to get an RV spot?

 A.        This is being managed by Osceola Heritage Park. Contact them by phone. (321) 697-3333


E12.    What kind of ring banners are allowed?

 A.        Ring banners that are placed on the ring barriers have specific requirements. The requirements can be found in our newsletter, Doings. No other size or specification is allowed on the barriers.


E13.    How do I propose a dedicatee for DOCOF.

 A.        Contact any Board Member and provide details. You may be asked to provide photos or memorabilia in order to honor the person. The Board will decide on the honoree and may choose more than one.


E14.     How do I enter my team?

A.         Use the Team Entry Form in the Files section of this website or the one provided in the Doings Newsletter. Read the instructions carefully and provide the information and a check for your entry to the Tournament Secretary as directed on the form. Make the check out to DOCOF.

E15.     How many teams may my club field?

A.        One to Three

E16.     Do all the teams have to be full teams?

A.        The first team must be full before you can add second team and the second team must be full before you can add a third team. The rules define what constitutes a full team

E17.     How much are entries for the event?

A.        Currently Entries are $35.00 per dog.

E18.    When are team entries due?

A.        Team entries must be in the hands of the Tournament Secretary no later than the end of business on July 31.

E19.     Can we submit our entries on-line?

A.         Currently the answer is no.

E 20.    Can we pay for our entries on-line?

A.         Currently the answer is no.

E21.    What is the address of the event? 

A.        Osceola Heritage Park.  1875 Silver Spur Ln, Kissimmee, FL 34744

E22.    What time will we have access to the event facility?

A.        7 a.m on Saturday and on Sunday.

E23.    Can we bring food into the facility?

A.       Yes, we have negotiated an arrangement with the facility management firm, SMS, to forgo the required food vendor.

E24.    Is there a photographer available?

A.        Yes,  PixnPages is our official photographer.

E25.    Can we take pictures as well?

A.        There are no restrictions on attendees or exhibitors taking photos. They may not sell, trade or barter those photos in any way.

E26.    How do we adopt a judge for lunch?

A.        Contact Aimee Kincaid and she will assign you one unless you have someone in particular in mind and she will try and accommodate you.

Rules Questions


R1.      I have entered a veteran dog. If I choose to jump at height what penalty must I take?

 A.        Three points are deducted per jump for a dog that jumps one half of its AKC Jump Height.


R2.      How do I get to know the rules?

A.        Generally DOCOF follows AKC Obedience Regulations. There are exceptions and all of those are in our Rules. Feel free to read them start to finish.


R3.      Can I enter more than one dogs for my team?

 A.        Yes, but no more than two.


R4.      When is our roster of members due?

 A.        No later than March 1st.


R5.      If we accidently left someone off our roster can we add them at a later date?

 A.        Generally, no. If you have some documentary proof that the person was a member in good standing such as a canceled check marked in the memo space For Dues or words to that effect, the Board of Trustees may allow it but it is a on a case by case basis.


R6.      When are our entries due?

 A.        No later than July 31st.


R7.      Where do we get team entry forms.

 A.        They can be found under Forms at this website, or they are included in our newsletter “Doings.”


R8.      Are pinch or prong callers allowed on site?

A.        We follow AKC rules so, no.


R9.      New AKC Rules state that if anyone NQs an exercise they cannot come back for the group exercise. Does that apply to DOCOF?

 A.        Since we do not have NQs by definition we would allow dogs to return for the Novice Group Exercise even if they had failed on of the individual exercises.


R10.     I operate a training organization. I need to submit a roster by March 1st. For my team I can only select people from my roster. The rule states that people need to have been training with me (at least once a month) for 6 months prior to the EVENT. Is that prior to the event or prior to the deadline?

 A.        The intent is that a team member regularly train with the club/organization and that they not create ad hoc teams. We will not require proof of continuity unless there is an issue. Missing a scheduled training session would not in my opinion constitute loss of availability. If the team leader/club is satisfied that the requirements have been met we would agree. The team as a whole need not meet all at once. If, for example the utility group trained on night and the open group another. Or if the team required a makeup session the next month I think that would fulfill the intent. I also believe that the intent was 6 months prior to the event.

John Mett Award


JM1.   How do I nominate someone for the John Mett Award.

 A.        Read the requirements for the award then download the nomination form. Submit the form as directed.

Membership Questions

M1.     When are my club's DOCOF Dues required to be paid?

A.        Dues must be paid by March 1st in the year of the event.

M1.      How much are dues?

A.         Dues are $55.00 per year payable before March 1st of the year of the event. If paid at the event for the following year dues     are $50.00.

M3.      Will my club get an invoice?

A.        At the current time we do not send out invoices. The Doings newsletter has all the information and should prompt clubs and   groups to pay their dues for the upcoming year.

M4.      How do I pay my dues?

A.         Mail a check and your club information update form to the Treasurer. Make the check out to DOCOF.

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